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Founder: Daniel Watson

Location: London, United Kingdom



BumbleZest was born out of a Battersea kitchen, crafting recipes using natural ingredients from around the world. Featuring fresh-pressed fruits, roots and herbs, BumbleZest shots are a concentration of liquid nutrition targeting specific health ailments or goals.


How did you come to set up BumbleZest? What inspired you to create your brand?

I struggled to keep a balanced lifestyle working in property and living in a city with lots of distractions. With my previous work I experienced high levels of stress and anxiety, which along with skin issues led me to develop BumbleZest. I started drinking lemon water with a drop of honey, often mixing it with different herbs I grow in my tiny Battersea garden. I wanted to start sourcing other incredible ingredients, so I finally packed in my day job to launch BumbleZest. I really hope everyone enjoys my recipes as much as I’ve had fun making them. I am delighted that my wife, Emily, has joined the BumbleZest team fulltime.

How would you describe your brand philosophy?

We put health at the forefront of everything that we do, whilst also making our drinks taste great for our customers and being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We source our ingredients through a variety of UK suppliers and we always ensure our ingredients are ethical and the best quality we can possibly find. For example we use the very best ceremonial grade Matcha, we use ethically sourced British honey and the very best form of collagen – hydrolysed marine collagen sourced from a variety of wild fish.

Favourite thing about your job?

One of my favourite things is using my skills and experience from my Chartered Surveying and property background. Even though I have moved from large slow moving (or non moving!) products (buildings when being developed or refurbished), to a very fast moving consumer goods product which you can fit in the palm of your hand. I have found it all surprisingly relevant and useful and I have learnt so much in the past 8 months – I wouldn’t change it for anything!


My number one favorite thing about my job has to be that my wife, Emily joined me  fulltime in September last year. She came onboard at the perfect time when the work load was beginning to become too much for just one person. Before it was just myself, with the company of our ‘Chief Supervisor’  who tried to help out as much as she could!


If you had to use only one product from your range, what would it be?

I drink all of our range regularly however probably the recipe I consume the most has to be our Calm&Comfort – Chamomile, Lavender and Spirulina. I think it is delicious and helps me distress, relax and unwind. It also contains some power house ingredients including a large dose of Chamomile which in my opinion is underestimated and is very good for skin complexion.

What is your most treasured wellness secret?

It’s definitely not a well kept secret… but it has to be sleep. The benefits of a good nights sleep on your body and mind is totally empowering. You can have an emotionally and physically draining day, however if you go to bed and manage to get a good nights sleep it will have more of a positive effect on you than anything else. You can recharge, re-set and be ready to take on the new day! I take my sleep very seriously!

What is your approach to nutrition? How do you keep healthy?

I honestly find it is hard keeping healthy in London particularly whilst launching a start up, which involves dealing with stress and being time-poor. We do an online shop to arrive at the beginning of every week so that the fridge is full of fresh, healthy and nutritious food. I find this makes it easier to make good choices, rather than going to the shop hungry and picking up something naughty. I also make sure I have at least one good walk a day in the fresh air with my dog. Although for me it is important to have balance and not be too strict on yourself – I do enjoy a few beers and a pizza at the weekend from time to time!


Fave kitchen staple:
 Coconut Oil
Can’t live without :
Your healthiest passion:
I still love experimenting with all of the amazing and unusual ingredients I have in my kitchen cupboards to come up with potential new health shot recipes for BumbleZest.
What do you do to relax?

I find long baths very therapeutic for both my mind and body. I do a lot of thinking in the tub, I use it as time to reflect on the day that has just happened and to calmly think about what needs to be achieved the next day. It also helps my body to relax, ready for a vital good nights sleep.

Your current mantra:

“A goal without a plan is just a dream.”

I believe you need to work hard at your dreams.


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