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Today let’s talk to…

Under Luna

Founder: Carly Castillo

Location: Oceanside, California, United States


Under Luna products are handcrafted with ingredients found growing in earth’s soil quietly under the moon: plants, trees, fruits and vegetables. The purpose of these products is to provide men, women and children with products that are not only natural but were formulated to accentuate, heal, repair, and revitalize your hair and skin through ingredients that have been around for centuries.


How did you come to set up Under Luna? What inspired you to create your brand?
Well to be honest, it was out of frustration. I was buying and trying every “natural”/organic product that was out there. Everything seemed to leave my hair feeling completely greasy or super dry and a tangled mess. I was frustrated for a couple reasons. I wanted to use natural products but not have to sacrifice having decent/clean hair just to go the natural route. Secondly, going with the “natural” products come to find out weren’t so natural. I started researching every single ingredient listed on the backs of these products and unfortunately came to find out, most of these ingredients weren’t in fact natural. “Natural” is such a loose term and not regulated the way it should be. With that, I set out to create my own products made with 100% natural ingredients. And so Under Luna was born.
How would you describe your brand philosophy?
Formed by hand, made by earth. All our ingredients are sourced 100% from earth’s ingredients : plants, trees, fruits and vegetables. If it doesn’t fall within that, then it’s not used in our products. Ingredients are the forefront of these products and the purpose of them are to enhance what you already have. These natural ingredients are put in place to enhance your natural shine, use your natural oils to revitalize your hair, give you back your hair’s strength and life.
Where do you source your ingredients from?
Many of our ingredients are made in-house. All our herbal extracts are all organic and made by me. Our other ingredients are sourced within the US by extremely reputable vendors.
Favourite thing about your job?
There are 2 amazing things about my job. One is learning about all these unique herbs that our ancestors used in rituals and everyday life.  These herbs are so powerful, complex and interesting! I love discovering all the various uses for these herbs. Second, is receiving texts, emails and messages from customers with all their lovely comments about their Under Luna products. I originally was making these products for myself and my family so to be able to provide product for people from all over the country, many with my same frustration, are now are telling me their hair has never looked and felt so good – it’s pretty surreal.
If you had to use only one product from your range, what would it be?
Warrior Shampoo because this product has changed my hair the most. My hair is stronger, grows incredibly fast and it has helped balance out my oils so I can go days in between shampoos when before I started using it, I couldn’t go a day without shampooing otherwise my hair was a greasy mess. I had to shower at a friends house once (who didn’t have any warrior shampoo at the time) so I used their commercial shampoo and immediately my hair felt heavy, itchy and greasy. It quickly reminded me how much I love my Warrior.
What is your most treasured wellness secret?
It’s definitely not anything special, but it is everything to me. WATER. I drink a lot of it, a lot. It’s amazing what it does for skin, hair, your energy, mental power, digestion, immune system, everything! 
What is your approach to nutrition? How do you keep healthy?
Nutrition is really important to me, always has been. For me its simple: eat as clean as possible and no processed foods. On top of that, moving daily is essential. They go hand in hand. My husband is Italian and is an amazing cook so some days I need to move a little more than others but everything in moderation I think is the key to staying healthy…and happy.
Fave kitchen staple:
Right now, as a new mom I’m always searching for whatever is quick, easy and will give me energy so right now it’s my blender. I’ll throw in some almond milk with Moon Juice’s Power Dust & Ho Shou Wu, Sun Potion’s Tocos and some Bone Broth Protein Powder for an easy pick me up with all the minerals and protein I’m needing right now.
Can’t live without :
Gemstone Organic’s Moonstone Face Creme. It’s changed my skin. I have very sensitive skin and it’s perfectly gentle and ultra-hydrating. I love it.
Your healthiest passion:
I believe it is my passion and thirst to learn and understand ingredients, healing herbs and natural remedies. Not only does it apply to hair products, but it also naturally leads you to question all your cleaning products, skin care, baby care, etc. It’s daunting and an undertaking to revisit everything you have in your household however it give you the best peace of mind when you know everything you and your family are using are safe. 
What do you do to relax?
Either take a nap because sleeping is hard to come by these days or the opposite, go for a hike and breath in the fresh air. Getting outdoors is so relaxing for me.
Your current mantra:
Slow down. I have at least 100 things on my to do list everyday. Over the past few years, I’ve slowly learned I can’t do everything and again as a new mom I’ve been forced to slow down because now I physically can’t do everything, at least now with 100% of myself. It’s so important to enjoy what I have surrounding me and not just try to get through the daily grind. 

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