A strong bond with the greenery run in the family and tending to plants was part of my everyday life since I was a child. When I grew older, I turned into the green thumb people would ask for advice when plants needed to be rescued. I ended up being “Doc Green”. Plants were my calling, people were saying, but I had chosen a different path for my career. I relentlessly laughed their suggestion away for years until it actually happened, though in an unexpected way, and I became a naturopath.



Clearing emotional patterns is the foundation of any long-lasting life change. Unless we clear the patterns that are at the core of self-harming behaviours and limiting beliefs, real transformation cannot begin. We can force it, or better fake it, but it all comes back eventually.


Healing doesn’t take much more time, or effort, than keep pushing through and struggling with life. It’s worth making the work and step out of a comfort zone that, despite familiar, it no longer represents us, and most importantly, it doesn’t make us happy. There are many valid routes that we can take but the key is to find what works for us.


My way has been flower essences and essential oils. They have been the “extra kick” that propelled all the groundwork that I had done over the years, or better, what they did was unstuck and re-direct my consciousness to reveal the route I had to go. Vibrational medicine is a very potent form of healing that I believe can be magnified when set in synergy with other forms of healing – bodywork, counselling, creative expression, mind mapping, etc.


Flower remedies deal with the true cause of disease that is usually rooted in the constant conflict between the mind and the soul. The power of flower remedies lies in the connection between plants and humans. It’s the strength of such correspondence, and the living vibrations of plants, that support the evolution into a higher state of consciousness where true healing takes place.

Flower essences are a coherent system of tinctures at a high vibrational potency; every bottle contains the life force of a plant or a flower shaped to a unique pattern. The “fingerprint” that identifies them is purely an etheric imprint left in the water during the preparation. When the essence is taken, its evolutionary force affects the consciousness of the individual and inspires change.


Flower essences follow a specific path through the physical and subtle bodies. They are first assimilated into the circulatory system and then set between this and the nervous system, where an electromagnetic current is created by polarity. Flower remedies use the systems’ properties to enter and stimulate the physical body and, subsequently, move to the meridians. The meridians, in fact, use the passageways between the nervous and circulatory systems to feed the life force into subtle and physical bodies, and the chakras.


Factors such as stress, toxicity, caffeine, lack of B-group vitamins, and a weak spinal column can block, or slow down, the action of the remedy. However, people respond quite differently to the same essence; some may feel profound effects within minutes, while others may experience subtle changes over several weeks. It’s a very personal journey.


A fundamental principle to bear in mind is that flower essences are vibrational therapy, consequently, their healing effect doesn’t reside in the quantity but in the frequency. It is not about the number of drops that one takes but the consistency and frequency of the doses. “The more, the better” usually comes from the mind and its attachment to the concept of “quantity = speed”.


There are several different methods in which flower remedies can be taken. The most popular, and probably most convenient, is by ingestion.


The essence contained in the stock bottle can either be diluted in a glass of water, or in a bottle (please avoid plastic here) and then drank throughout the day. Some people may be sensitive to the alcohol that is used as a preservative in the stock bottle, usually brandy or vodka. In this case, dilution is the best way to avoid side effects, or trigger past addictions. Dilution, in fact, removes physical traces of alcohol but does not lessen the potency of the essence.


Remedies can also be taken sublingually several times a day. This allows the essence to enter blood circulation directly without going through the digestive system.


Keeping the remedy in the mouth for a minute enhances its quality, and allows the remedy to be integrated with the enzymes in the saliva and then be quickly integrated with the normal physiological processes.


Similar to ingestion in its effectiveness is absorption: massaging the soles of the feet, rubbing the palms of the hands, or the forehead are all very good methods.


Bathing is superior in clinical effects to ingestion but also less convenient unless a daily bathing ritual is already part of your day. Pouring between three to seven drops in the water and rest in the bathtub for around thirty minutes is ideal. Best would be to take a bath in the morning, as the life force is stronger with the rising of the sun. Before taking a bath, cleansing the body with a sponge, linen, or cotton with crushed white, pink, or amethyst quartz is good practice as it stimulates the properties of flower essences.


Water acts as a conductor of all electromagnetic energies and bathing distributes the influence of the flower essence through the subtle and physical bodies immediately.


I find that working skilfully with flower essences, as well as essential oils, is almost an art form. Along the way, it teaches us how to truly listen and receive what comes up while digging deeper down to the next layer. Healing what prevents us from showing up for ourselves and be brave enough to grab and pull out what has been buried, forgotten, covered up, or overlooked over the years.


by Elisa Badii

Elisa Badii is a Naturopath and Natural Physician who works with Iridology, Herbal Medicine, Flower Remedies, Essential Oils, Healing Diets, and Reiki. She is currently based in London.



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