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Founders: Anya & Arina Woorn

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


WORON is the name of the new indispensable underwear brand that has its core in the ‘slow fashion’ movement. The brand focuses on creating a timeless design that fits both your body and your sense of style season after season. The sisters Anya & Arina Woron are the founders of this new brand that is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


How did you come to set up Woron ? What inspired you to create your brand?

We founded the company because of the strong desire to share our take on the perfect lingerie line. We realised that the first thing that we took off when we got home in the afternoon was always the bra; lowering the straps, un-hooking at the back and then followed by an “ahhhh…” of relief.

Our aim is to create lingerie, that will be the first thing you want to put on and the last thing you take off! It is comfort without sacrificing feminine shaping, fashion & style – and style without sacrificing sustainability.

We launched WORON in July 2015 and the idea came through combining our personal differences and similarities.
Anya’s interest lies in everything that’s essential. The trendy doesn’t necessarily have to come first, it’s more important that its durable, has a timeless design and fits with everything, so that she doesn’t have to worry whether she has something that fits with the rest of her clothing every morning. Arina is very passionate about fashion, following the latest trends and seeing how the world of fashion keeps inspiring us. The most important for Arina though is firstly that one doesn’t design for only a small closed universe but that a product is accessible; that it’s something that people can use and that can stay in their wardrobe for a long time. And then together we are both very passionate about making a difference. We believe that Woron really becomes WORON in the way that we envision it, when we combine all three aspects – sustainable fashion essentials – and it becomes a reflection of us and the universe we’re striving to create.

How would you describe your brand philosophy?

WORON is vegan, cruelty free and sustainable. We are a slow fashion brand that want to empower women to feel sexy in their natural shape and form- without push-up etc.

Favourite thing about your job?

We love pretty much everything about it from the creative process of developing our favourite pieces, all the driven people that we meet and collaborate with, to being able to work with a sustainable focus.

What is a day in the life of your job at Woron ?

Pretty much everyday starts off with a bikeride to our studio followed by a nice cup of hot tea while skimming through the list of tasks for the day. And then the rest of the day can vary soooo much; it can include anything from creative time developing new ideas, meetings with interesting people, sales presentations with potential client, wrapping and packing all the lovely orders.

What is your most treasured wellness secret?

Coconut oil.

What is your approach to nutrition? How do you keep healthy?

Anya had an accident some months back and has a pretty bad concussion, so even though we have always been focusing on eating healthy and organic, the accident has turned a lot of things upside down and given the word ‘healthy’ a new meaning. With a growing knowledge on how body and mind is connected, we are striving more to tap into finding out what it is our individual bodies need, are in lack off etc. So we are not so much looking at what generally is perceived as the new super food, the new go-to supplement as we did before, but we are trying to educate ourselves to tap into and research what our individual needs are when it comes to nutrition and health.

Fave kitchen staple:

Water filter

Can’t live without :

Family 🙂

Your healthiest passion:

That must be the coconut oil again and our passion for having fun.

What do you do to relax?

Spend even more time together- sister time.

Your current mantra:

‘Think positive’ -it sounds so corny, but Anya’s accident has taken us through every emotion thinkable and at the end of the day ‘Think positive’ really does something good.



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