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Seasonal allergies — also called hay fever and allergic rhinitis — can make you miserable. An optimal functioning immune system is an important. Try these natural remedies to keep seasonal allergies under control:

  • Have diet high in antioxidants and zinc – introducing high raw or plantbased diet is an ideal way to get all the nutrients and keep your body alkaline – excess acidity will weaken your defences, so avoid meat and dairy.
  • Use a neti pot – neti pot is a teapot-shaped pot that you use to flush a saline solution through the nose, much like a nasal lavage or squeeze bottle.By clearing the sinuses of irritants such as dirt, viruses, bacteria and other unwelcome toxins, you are able to lower the total load of irritants and toxins ingested.
  • Eat raw local honey, propolis and bee pollen – this is age-old folklore that has been around since the beginning of healing.  Consuming raw honey from hives as close to where you live as possible is ideal for exposing the immune system to local pollen, which allows your body to adapt to allergens in the environment and build up tolerance.
  • Keep the gut flora health – because 90% of our immunity resides in our gut, and allergies are the result of an imbalance in the immune system that causes the body to strongly react to an antibody in your blood—stimulating the release of histamine (a neurotransmitter that causes runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing fits). A balanced digestive system prevents the immune system from overreacting to pollen. Implement a very probiotic rich diet—add two tablespoons of fermented vegetables with every meal (try kraut or kimchi).
  • Maintain a healthy liver – keep alcohol consumption low and get some cold-pressed organic juices in. Carrot and beetroot support liver health. Add ginger and turmeric for their anti-inflammatory properties to your diet.
  • Nettle is a natural antihistamine that blocks the body’s ability to produce histamine.It is especially potent for allergies. Drink nettle tea and add fresh nettles to your juices.

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