By Hannah Phoebe Bowen.

The idea behind Celestine Eleven is that “luxury is a state of mind”. Many customers are initially attracted to the chic simplicity of the fashion lines and then step into a world where living in luxury encompasses natural beauty, tonic herbs, scents and spirituality. From yoga classes to sessions with in-house psychic Gemma Constance, visitors come to understand more about the metaphysical aspects of being and the many layers of what luxury and abundance can mean.

A Hackney local, Tena has been part of the rapid growth in wellness-focused spots in the area; her neighbours number The Hardihood and East London Juice Co. and Tiosk.


As soon as you enter the space you can sense Tena’s outlook that wellness is intimately linked to spirituality. It was through looking into, reading about and experimenting with healthy living that she began to nurture an interest in all things metaphysical, which ultimately lead to her opening the business. The shop aims to guide people along a journey from looking for clothes or yoga classes, being turned on to incense, meditation, tonic herbalism and onwards to their highest potential. Tena’s passion for cultivating spiritual growth is infectious.


Yoga is a big part both of Tena’s personal practice and Celestine’s offerings. Her advice for anyone trying to build a routine wellness practice is to try a few things, whether its oil pulling, dry body brushing, yoga or whatever calls out to you and if something that makes you feel good, doing it daily for a month will help build it into a habit. Making changes is intimidating at first but after a while it becomes like clockwork.


A huge part of the project is making spirituality aspirational, an interest in designer brands and handmade beauty products can be a gateway to exploring the possibilities of altered consciousness. Whilst the shop is grounded in the material realm, the brand’s social media presence is very much focused on spirituality for a new generation, making the mystical glamorous and appealing.


Carefully treading the line of balance between the physical and spiritual realms is what this popular boutique excels at. Products are sourced through Tena’s own travels, all from brands that she genuinely loves, many supporting local artisans like Guy Morgan and Kana London, and events and pop ups are hosted by her friends in the spiritual community such as a recent Past-Life Regression Salon by UNLIMITED.


Celestine Eleven

4 Holywell Lane

Shoreditch, London



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