As the health food world rapidly grows, it seems we’re always on the hunt for the next superfood. Whilst flavour is still as important as ever, getting as much nutrition into meals as possible is the new way of eating for busy and creative foodies, and it seems like the natural beauty world is following suit. Our skin is of course our largest organ, so why not feed it the nourishment it deserves? In pursuit of the most potent and effective skincare regime, we’ve rounded up our favourite superfood inspired beauty products to do just that.

By Mayah Parmenter


1. Living Libations Best Skin Ever Chocolate



The rumours are true; chocolate is good for you when it comes in the form of this nourishing body oil. Living Libations are masters of raw beauty, and have incorporated the natural wonder that is cacao by infusing the unadulterated beans in virgin coconut oil. Paired with the scent of vanilla the result is a softening body treatment that’s good enough to eat, not forgetting the added bonus of free radical fighting flavonoids.

2. Lani Tropical Cacao Detox Mask


Of course this is also brimming with our favourite chocolatey powder, but what really gives this detoxifying treatment its kick is a healthy dose of turmeric. We all know the benefits of adding this spice to our diet, but it happens to work magic on skin too. One of the main compounds found in turmeric, curcurmin, is a strong antioxidant which helps to brighten marks and hyperpigmentation, leaving you with an incredible glow the morning after slathering on this mousse like mask. Just remember that turmeric stains, so don’t forget to protect your pillow!

3. Lina Hanson Global Face Serum



With super plant baobab at the top of the ingredients list for this decadent oil, it’s what natural beauties’ dreams are made of. Dubbed the tree of life, skin drinks up this african botanical like cell-food, creating an immediate plumping effect as well as an incredibly smooth texture with regular use. With the addition of delicious essential oils like mandarin and ylang ylang, it’s a treat worth indulging in.


4. Olivine Love + Roses



Sometimes all you need to get your day back on track is a whiff of the sweet scent of roses, but that isn’t the only reason this refreshing mist is a handbag essential. A hydrating elixir, it also comes laced with moringa seed extract. You may have spotted moringa powder dotted in the aisles of health food stores, and that’s because it’s a rich source of vitamins and essential amino acids. Applied topically, it has practical anti-inflammatory and antiseptic powers, making it a midday skin saviour when you’re on the go.


5. Skin & Tonic Brit Beauty Oil


Chia seeds are the darling of the health food world, and they’ve been slowly making their way into beauty too. Whilst some ingredients are best left to edibles, Skin & Tonic weren’t wrong about this one. Chia oil is one of the star ingredients in this simple blend, which the best botanical source of omega 3 out there. What does this mean for skin? Improved structure as it encourages the production of collagen alongside top marks in moisture retention. We’re sold!


6.True Organic Of Sweden All You Need Is Me


Everyone needs a multitasking balm on their side in times of need (gone are the days when we thought vaseline was acceptable), but this Swedish creation offers a twist. Alongside tried and true skincare staples like castor oil and shea butter is everyone’s favourite superfood; blueberry. This fruit has been revered for its health benefits before superfoods were even a thing thanks to its off-the-chart levels of antioxidants. So go ahead and smear this all natural balm on cuticles, lips and dry areas for extra protection against the elements.





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