Nicole Granato was diagnosed with PCOS after going for a general check up with a fertility doctor. While she was recommended to get on medication and birth control as the first part of her therapy Nicole decided she wanted to go a more holistic route to healing her body by changing her diet, lifestyle and exercise routine while also implementing supplements and herbs into her everyday diet. Through her personal experience and growth, Nicole has created a method of her own. She calls it the “Mind, Body, Heart and Soul method.” She is devoted to helping women heal their bodies and overcome these issues through good nutrition, health, self-love and respect. Here is Nicole and her story…

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When I was 21 I was diagnosed with PCOS and my world changed. Not knowing what this disease was I asked questions any woman would ask. What does this mean for my overall health? What can I do prevent further complications? Can I have children one day? Will I ever feel normal? As my doctor was answering my questions my mind started racing. I had seven cysts on my ovaries and was told I had a slim chance of have children naturally and I needed to get on hormones straight away. I was told the most likely method of having children in the future was IVF. I couldn’t accept these answers. I thought to myself this is my body. I eat well, I exercise and I rarely drink. How could this happen to me? I decided to take things into my own hands.


I began by doing my own research on PCOS including the causes and realized that diet had almost everything to do with it. I started eating clean whole foods and a plant based diet with some meat here and there. I would eat red meat two times a month and any poultry I would make myself ensuring it was the highest quality. I cut out all sugar except those of dates and natural sources. I stopped drinking any and all alcohol and began taking herbs that aided restoring and cleaning the digestive system. My morning consisted of a daily apple cider vinegar tonic, aloe shot and a smoothie. While making these changes I started noticing a craving for chocolate like never before. Chocolate contains a high amount of iron, which is essential in building blood in the body so I added more iron rich foods to my diet like – spinach, lentils, chickpeas, cacao, dates, sweet potatoes and nuts and seeds.


Three weeks later I got my period for the first time in several months! The catch is I hardly felt it coming. I did not experience terrible cramping like before and I felt a huge relief in my body. After my menstrual cycle things started changing. I became more energetic, my skin cleared up, my weight became balanced and I noticed an over all feeling of health I had been missing for years.


As the months went by I continued to get my period naturally, on time and it lasted a full 6 days! I decided it was time to go back to my doctor where I asked to have an ultrasound of my ovaries and explained my periods have been regular. After the scan I was told the seven cysts were now gone. Zero cysts in four months time, how was this possible? It was recommended to me by my doctor to go back on birth control to regulate my hormones. Why would I go on medication that made me feel so lethargic and unhealthy before? I decided to continue on my own path to health and recovery through clean eating, exercise, and balanced diet.


It has now been several years and since rehabilitating myself away from PCOS I was inspired to follow my dream to becoming a women’s wellness expert. Now I meet hundreds of women experiencing similar stories as mine. They are told sometimes at a young age there is little or nothing they can do for their body. They find solace in knowing that they do have options and ones that will make them look and feel the best they ever thought that could.



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