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Today let’s talk to…

Kana London

Founder: Ana Kerin

Location: Hackney, London, UK


Ana Kerin, founder of Kana London is a pottery designer and maker producing small batch editions of domestic ware.

How did you start making ceramics?

I have been studying Fine Arts, Sculpture back in Slovenia and that’s where I have fallen in love with clay as material… my two favourite materials were clay and plaster… I did a lot of casting back than…but was always drawn back to work in clay..  beside concept and Fine Arts I always loved design and architecture and I think functional ceramics meant for me some kind of marriage of objects and functionality… gradually I was making more functional work and with moving to London Kana London became a brand.

Where do you get inspiration for your designs? 

I think I get influenced by everything around me, things I like and things I dislike… dysfunctionality or smart solutions… but mostly i think they are coming from my love to be tactile… to touch, to feel… objects that have been touched feel different to the ones that have been mass produced. I think that’s where the love for textured clay is coming from and leaving my fingerprints on the surface.That’s what life is about for me. We leave marks “fingers prints” in surroundings as well as one another….


How would you describe your style?

Tactile, raw, sculptural, maybe a bit rustic, primitive, native… but made in a high efficient designs.


Favourite thing about your job?

It’s a hands on job. There are days when I wish I could have a clean office and nice un-chipped nail polish. It won’t happen ever.

What is a day in the life of your job at Kana London?

Yoga in the morning. Cycling to work… Replying to emails, talking to clients and suppliers… Than work in the studio… usually until late in the evening.. I am most productive person in the evenings…. or late at night 🙂 


What is your most treasured wellness secret?

After showering applying olive oil on still slightly wet skin! And if I could I would live by the sea.. My skin is the healthiest when I am out on the warm sun and swimming in the sea every day! 


What is your approach to nutrition? How do you keep healthy?

I try to sleep enough when I can. I try to do yoga every morning. I eat a lot of veggies… I am lucky i don’t have a sweet tooth, but I am addicted to bread and butter. That’s my no1 food enemy! 

When i need to recharge I go for Finnish sauna, and when I need to re-energise I would go for a  day of juicing.. 


Fave kitchen staple:

Rosemary, thyme and tarragon.

Can’t live without: 


Your healthiest passion:

I only like to drink water. I don’t like any other drinks except wine ..


What do you do to relax?

Go for a walk.


Your current mantra? 




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