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Founders: Caro and Rose

Location: Hampstead Heath, London, UK


RoCo designs and makes their products from their studio on the edge of Hampstead Heath in North London. In the conservatory, Rose designs the terrariums, casts and polishes pots, and cares for thier ever growing collection of miniature cacti, succulents and air plants. Upstairs, Caro makes the hanging planters, designs our copper mobile kits, and creates our limited edition prints. Sourced almost entirely from suppliers and makers around the UK, we hope you will enjoy sharing in thier slightly unusual, world.



How did you come to set up RoCo? What inspired you to create your brand?

Rose: We love making things. My background is costume and set design, and Caro’s is printmaking. We both felt we had lost touch with our skills and so we started making objects to hold exotic plants, mixing all the elements we’d collected, from marble and copper to concrete and coir. We took a strange selection of these to Broadway Market, not really knowing what the reaction would be, and found that people were really positive. In a way the brand grew from what our customers encouraged us to try.

What is a day in the life of your job at RoCo like?

Caro: At the moment we are living and working from our home in North London, so we sometimes find ourselves casting concrete pots in our pyjamas or making soup dressed as air plants. It’s a strange kind of way to live, and we’re hoping to find a new space to work soon nearer to Broadway Market, where we have our stall every Saturday.

Favourite thing about your job?

Rose: Being able to work in quiet surroundings with hardly any distractions.

Caro: Meeting like-minded people and collaborating, which always leaves us inspired. Also being able to work from different places each day and getting to explore London at quieter times.


What is your favourite product from your range?

Rose: Maybe the Alchemy kit with its little pom-pom Oaxacana air plant.
Caro: I’m most excited about our workshops, which we’re hoping to start holding regularly in the New Year. I’d love to one day be able to travel and hold workshops along the way.

What is your most treasured wellness secret?

Rose: Getting outside and walking in the wild

Caro: It’s a secret.


What is your approach to nutrition? How do you keep healthy?

Rose: I’m currently addicted to aloe juice!

Caro: I used to work at Borough Market so became a bit of a grocery snob, and quite poor. A little bit of everything is probably a good approach, and as fresh as possible. One day I’ll realise my herb garden fantasy.


Fave kitchen staple: 

Rose: Fennel seeds.

Caro: Coconut milk.

Can’t live without: 

Caro: Bright light

Rose: Time for reflection

Your healthiest passion:

Rose: Juicing! Although our second hand juicer recently self-combusted.

Caro: Walking my two dogs on Hampstead Heath

What do you do to relax?

Rose: Yoga and Five Rhythms in North London which is basically dancing for meditation

Caro: A good book and a hot cup of choco yogi tea.



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