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By Dr Gowri Motha.

From the very first moment that I noticed that a very high percentage of couples seeking to get pregnant have all their clinical tests done and doctors inform them that there is no obvious reason they cannot get pregnant and have therefore been classified under the heading of “unexplained” fertility issues.


The medical profession generally do not investigate nutritional status and systemic toxicity. In functional medicine there is a huge body of knowledge substantiated by thousands of research papers on the positive benefits of nutritional supplements and detox programmes. Based on this knowledge I have been interested in enhancing the digestion and absorption of nutrients. This is done by a couple of simple, easy to administer creative healing treatments which have been described and taught by Joseph B. Stephenson who was the originator of creative healing. He states that if we restored the lines of energy flow in the body then the body can then heal itself. I am also totally attracted to the Ayurvedic system of diagnosing, cleansing and toning the reproductive and digestive systems.


If we were to eat high quality organic balanced food with good proteins, fats and oils in appropriate balance and even if we supplement with very high quality vitamins and minerals if the digestive system is unable to absorb all this goodness then all of this effort is to no avail.


I was lucky enough to be introduced to creative healing as a complete health restorative system. I use my medical background to combine the relevant treatments to enhance fertility. For a start, Joseph B. Stephenson states that a female treatment which consists of a drainage of the fallopian tubes stimulating the ovaries and centering the energy into the uterus and cervix and repositioning of important pudenda nerves in the grooves they are meant to be situated.   This treatment is performed on day 23 of the reproductive cycle. This treatment is also a very good all round treatment for all female disorders like heavy and painful periods and ovulation problems.


The female treatment is administered once a month on day 23 of the cycle until you get pregnant.   As an adjunct I advise my ladies to receive reflexology with emphasis on the pituitary hypothalamus and ovary and cleansing the tubes in the first and second weeks of the cycle.


For men, there is a prostate drainage treatment that prevents stagnation of secretions in the prostate and helps to capacitate sperms. This treatment is done on the male perineum once every five days.


About supplements: it is so difficult to fine tune what each individual might need but as a rough guide we all seem to need the following: Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Magnesium Calcium, CoQ10, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B complex, Kelp, Omega 3 and specific anti-oxidants and more dependent upon your practitioner.


I also work with a team of Ayurvedic doctors who take a full Ayurvedic history with tongue and pulse diagnosis and prescribe specific diets and detox herbs as necessary.   The common herbs given to stimulate ovulation are Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosis) and for men Ashvaghanda (Winter Cherry).

Ashvaghanda reduces stress and improves libido and sperm mobility. This can be consumed by both partners.   For dosage one has to consult an Ayurvedic doctor.


Ayurvedic detox is called panchakarma.   The classic course would be for 3-4 weeks in an Ayurvedic centre where the doctor checks you every day and monitors all the treatments closely. Panchakarma means five different kinds of treatments i.e.

  • Oleation treatments inside and out (ghee drinking in small increasing doses and different kinds of oil massages including oil pouring on the forehead and full body oil pouring)
  • Steam bath
  • Purgation – after all the oiling all the toxins are driven into the gut and you are given a fairly pleasant purgative drink and you spend the rest of the day eliminating toxins and drinking light porridge.
  • Nasal cleansing with nasal drops and gentle steaming and massage over the sinus areas
  • Vomiting – usually not done in most centres because clients do not like this very much.


For fertility also there are special Ayurvedic diets which can be especially designed for you dependent upon body type (doshas). In Ayurveda, there are three doshas: Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Fluids).   The doshas are diagnosed on Ayurvedic pulse taking and if one of the other are aggravated this disturbs the normal function of the body i.e. ovulation, implantation.


In Ayurveda for women, there are also specific intra-uterine oil treatments called Uttar Basti to enhance fertility and also to help with a host of other female conditions. For men, there is a corresponding intra-urethral treatment that can be advised and administered by an Ayurvedic doctor if needed to balance the prostate gland.


Some of the couples I have worked with have chosen to go on juice fasts and very low calorie diets and these also have enhanced fertility. This leads us to believe that too many carbs and toxins in our diet suppress fertility.


There has been some research done on this and some well known assisted conception units recommend very low calorie diets for a couple of months before IVF is embarked upon as this has been shown to improve results.


I am also very happy to recommend Chinese acupuncture along with cleansing diets and herbs as this also restores the energy flow in the body.



Dr Gowri Motha is a holistic obstetrician and a founder of The Gentle Birth Method. She augments her conventional medical expertise with a wide range of complementary disciplines – including reflexology, ayurveda, hypnotherapy and an energetic practice called Creative Healing – to help her clients have the easiest births possible. She is an author of ” Gentle Birth Method”  and “Gentle First Year”. Her clients have included models such as Kate Moss and Elle Macpherson.


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