Shiva Rose shifted her focus from acting to living a holistic, healthy, authentic life style that we always find endlessly inspiring. Author of the magical blog, The Local Rose, Shiva resides in the Santa Monica Mountains where she raises most of her own produce, nestled by a creek with her cat, rabbits and chickens. She fully embodies the haute-hippie SoCal lifestyle. Here is Shiva Rose and her morning rituals….


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– Upon rising I spray my face with rose water I usually use one I have made myself or that I sell on my site. This awakens my skin and my spirit.


– I then will do some oil pulling with coconut oil for about 10 minutes. This draws impurities out and helps the teeth.


– Before feeding my menagerie of animals and my younger daughter, I will sit down for a meditative tea ceremony. This will start my day on a calm, centered note so even if I have to wake up a half hour earlier to do this I will make an effort to. I drink a tea called Living tea, which has deep, meditative qualities since the leaves come from ancient trees that haven’t been altered with. After the tea, if time permits I will practice some Kundalini meditations and mantras. This will also help align me towards a day that will be more fulfilling and productive.


– If it is a weekday then getting my daughter off to school is the priority. If it is a weekend I will answer emails, go in the garden for some fresh eggs and vegetables. If it is a workday I will light some incense, play a mantra and begin the process of making my products.


– Some things I will always do, is to massage in my Rose Face Serum or The Glow Balm on my face and neck.


– I also try to wake up and recite the things I am grateful for in my life. At times I do this before I go to bed, and other times first thing in the morning. It helps to remember the multitude of blessings we have all around us and that we come from a place of abundance.




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