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Founder:  Jonna Jalkanen

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Sophie La Girafe Baby is an organic, eco-certified skincare range, designed  for baby and mums alike using the highest quality organic ingredients. Their products contain ingredients such as organic white tea, lavender water and Nordic blueberry oil amongst other to deliver an organic hit of nourishment to face, body and hair.


How did you come to set up Sophie la Girafe Cosmetics? What inspired you to create your brand?

I have worked with the Sophie La Girafe toy in Scandinavia, so I knew this special little giraffe quite well.

I have background with non-toxic children products and a long history with cosmetics (ie. with luxury French brands, and as Beauty Director in leading beauty magazines such as Elle Finland), so it felt very natural to create the concept and products after my husband suggested it to me. He thought I had always talked about doing a range of skincare myself, and we both knew Sophie was the brand we really wanted to work with.

I was inspired by the 54 years old French icon, Sophie La Girafe itself, as to me it’s marvellous how a product and brand may last for decades. Today, it is still being something so modern and classic at the same time. Ageless.
I have always been very much inspired by Paris, and French fashion brands that are true to themselves and do not make compromises with ie. premium finish and quality.


How would you describe your brand philosophy?

Childhood is such a unique time in life. We at Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics love to cherish and respect it. Caring for your child’s skin goes beyond protecting and aiding skin, much more than applying lotions and oils as it offers you opportunities to enjoy wonderful moments together with your child.  The little gentle touches have such an amazing power that may carry on for a lifetime. ie. mum of a teenager still continues with baby massage routine even today. It’s the only moment when the daughter let’s her mum be close anymore. Priceless, isn’t it!


Where do you source your ingredients from?

From around the globe, from Ecocert-certified farms and fields where processes are inspected twice a year.


If you had to use only one beauty product from your range, what would it be?

I have never been able to choose… At the moment it would be Sophie La Girafe Baby Protection Cream.
It’s a wonderful all -in -one, and has been called a miracle cream and ‘Swiss army knife of skincare’, hah. Besides being great for nappy area, in chilly or windy weather to protect, but also ideal for dry, flaky, red skin, all sorts of pimples and skin issues, dry cuticles, sore nose when having flu, for back of hands when nothing else works… We have also had great feedback for it being used as a soothing facial cream and mask.

Sophie La Girafe Baby Oil is great # 2.


What is your most treasured wellness secret?


I think to feel and be 100% well one needs to be in peace with oneself. I think it’s good to respect yourself so much that you are honest and kind to all. It does not mean you need to tolerate bad behaviour, just the opposite. Be kind also to ones who are hurting you with their behaviour by forgiving all, and letting them (mentally) go – you know there is no space for such in life, it’s short.

This all makes life so much easier and affects you every day for the rest of your life. You sleep better, you breathe easier, you have energy for the right stuff.


What is your approach to nutrition? How do you keep healthy?

Food is energy, health and joy. It unites the family many times a day to spend together.
I believe we all know what is best for ourselves; we just have to listen to one’s body, and try 90% of the time to choose things that are good for you.
I favour organic food, and make food at home from scratch. Quality rather than quantity, if I need to choose.


What do you do to relax?

In a stressful situation I focus on my breathing: I close my eyes and take deep breaths in through the nose, and out through the mouth. It helps from the first inhale.

Good movies, music and food are quite nice relaxants, too. Stretching is great for the body and soul.


Your current mantra?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It’s my mantra always, it never goes out of style.


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